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Anita is Lying on her bed and decides to share a secret with her Vanilla guy There was a Girl that had been tied up by a burglar that had went on the news and she is telling you IT WAS HER !!But she enjoyed being tied up so much she wants him to tie her up and gag her. She proceeds to show you that she has rope and has brings a Ball gag out of her bedside cabinet .she tells him she wants the ball gag in her mouth so she can’t scream for help, and shows you what she wants done and to have her hands and ankles tied to either ends of the bed. And wants a crotch rope tied tightly between her legs She starts off by putting the ball gag in her mouth by herself making sure its tight and won’t come out .she is now wearing a see through nightdress and looks just beautiful wearing that Ballgag.she is Tied exactly how she wanted it with the crotch rope rubbing between her legs and she is gently struggling against the ropes that hold her in place. She gets free from the ropes as she has escaped easily because her man didn't tie them tight enough. She tells him to tie her up properly this time and get out as she wants time on her own. She is now lying on her bad and pulling at the crotch rope and loving the sensation of it digging into her as she pulls even harder , her hands move up to her nipples and she is getting very excited at every touch. She suddenly realizes it’s not much fun on her own and quickly escapes from the its back to square one again!