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Gorgeous Scottish Bondage Superstar Alexia Valentine has a task for her friend Barry, she wants to try and see what it’s like to be taped up.

So she asks him to tape her up and she soon finds out her wish is not the most comfortable thing to do.

Her wrists are crossed behind her back and taped tightly together and she just can’t move the tape at all.

She tugs at the tape on her wrists and it bites into her wrists and the pain is all too real.

Her ankles are also taped tightly taped together and she has a strip of Ducktape over her mouth that reduces her speech to an mmmmffffff.

But she just struggles to get herself free and as she is wearing lingerie top it just can’t cope with her boobs and her nipples pop out leaving her squealing.

But Barry has another idea, he just walks towards the door and she suddenly realises he is going to leave her to wriggle on her own.

He starts to walk away and she pleads with him to stay but he just walks out leaving her taped up and helpless.