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Stunning Babysitter Amanda Bryant has been hired to look after super brat billy and she has been told its bed by seven pm and she asks billy to get ready to hit the Hay.But Billy likes to play and tonight's game is good old cops and robbers .Billy plays the part of the Robber who Ties Up Amanda our Damsel in Distress.He quickly Ties her hands behind her back and secures her ankles together and is just loving the sight of our Blonde Bombshell wriggling around on the bed trying to free herself from the rope.after getting her Hogtied he decides to add rope around her upper body tying her arms to her chest .sensing he is NOT going to untie her Amanda Protests when a roll of duck tape is produced and she just Knows She is getting Gagged.Billy rips a strip of Tape and gets her lips taped together and decides its time to leave her to struggle Much to all our Amusement .