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Gorgeous American Dominatrix Zara Liore is now furious as a Guy has her hogtied.

Her little black dress is riding up exposing her red underpants and the rope is digging into her tiny little wrists.

The ropes are wrapped tightly around her favourite boots and her wrists are attached to her ankles so she just rolls around going nowhere.

She is so pissed off she threatens to do horrible things to the guy if she gets free.

There is now the sound of Ducktape being torn and she says “This is not going to happen “

Well hell yes it is!

The tape is over her lips and keeping her quiet so there is a cute little mmmmmfff coming out.

She struggles like crazy and is careful not to damage her lovely wristwatch.

Somehow she manages to slip out of the ropes and is so determined to have her revenge but the guy has other plans and tosses a pair of handcuffs onto the bed. There is no way she is going to cuff herself is there???